Frequently asked questions
Can I request a different design to the existing display?
Yes, you just contact us. We can design something according to your special event and to your budget.
Do you prepare party deco with balloons?
Yes, we do. Let us know what you would like so we can make the party decorations match with your balloon arrangement.
How early should I order?
For balloons arrangements 2 days prior (subject to stock availability) and for Deco 10 days.
How do I look after my bouquet?
• Balloons are sensitive to changes in atmospheric pressures (significant changes in altitudes), ambient temperatures and exposition to direct sunlight. Any changes in these conditions could degrade or damage the product reducing its lifespan.

• Helium gas is not flammable; it must be taken into consideration that when the Helium balloons are placed front of the air conditioning the gas particles are compressed and the balloons delate automatically. This is a natural process. Avoid placing in front or under the air conditioner.

• It is not recommended to place balloons directly over grass. Grass leaves are likely to puncture the latex balloon damaging the bouquets or arrangements.

• Do not leave the bouquet or decoration in the car because the heat or changes in temperature will cause them to deflate or explode.
How to stay safe when using balloons?
• When the balloons split, deflate or explode they must be discarded. Keep waste away from children and pets as they present a choke hazard for them.

• WARNING: Microfoil balloons can be transmit of electricity. NEVER release microfoil balloons in the open or get close to power lines with microfoil balooons.

• WARNING: Aspirating Helium can result in asphyxia displacing the Oxygen from your lungs. Please do not inhale Helium.

• Art Balloon Au is supportive of eco-friendly practices. To protect our local fauna, please do not release Latex Helium balloons in the open.
How do I transport my balloons?
It is your choice to collect the balloon bouquet or balloon decoration from our premises, please take into consideration that our products are large, bulky and delicate. The product must have a suitable and unoccupied vehicle to transport it without damage. Art Balloon Au is not responsible for product damage during transport when the pick-up option is selected.
I live interstate, can you post balloons for me?
No, unfortunately at this stage we are only delivering within 15 km of the Adelaide CBD
What payment is required up front?
For balloon arrangements we require full payment. For the Decoration it will be specify in the quote. Contact us
What are my payment options?
For payment online we accept Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and AfterPay. We do not accept cash on delivery.
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